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Lamborghini Aventador
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Yudy Sauw: Fascinating faces of bugs, bulging eyes to ants’ sensitive antennae

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Insects may be small, but they have some of the most intricate faces in the animal kingdom.

Now a wildlife photographer has captured extreme close-ups of the creepy crawlies, revealing the complex compound eyes of flies, aggressive stance of ants and even water drops clinging onto one insect’s hairy face.

The striking images were shot by 33-year-old Yudy Sauw at his home studio in Tangerang, Indonesia.

His models included a soldier fly, red ant and a longhorn beetle, which he painstakingly watched to get the best shot.

While the creatures may not sound particularly exotic, they are interesting. Soldier flies mimic organ pipe mud dauber wasps and longhorn beetles make pests of themselves by boring into wood to damage trees and houses. 

To take his photographs, Mr Sauw placed the insects between half an inch (2cm) and four inches (10cm) away from his camera.

He used specialist lighting and a macro lens on his camera to record the creatures’ portraits, before enhancing them on a computer.

Mr Sauw said: ‘I love macrography because I can see clearly what I cannot see with my normal eyes.

‘I can see the small world of insects, what they look like and what they do.’

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Batman #56 (1949) cover by Dick Sprang
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Batman #56 (1949) cover by Dick Sprang

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Faded Elegance: Photographs of Havana by Michael Eastman

Presented by Tampa Museum of Art at Tampa Museum of Art

Faded Elegance: Photographs of Havana by Michael Eastman consists of twenty-nine, 6 x 7 1/2 ft. photographs taken by the artist in 2014. Eastman explores Havana’s changing cultural landscape in his images of the city’s architecture and lush,  by the effects of time. His large-scale photographs evoke the nostalgia and wealth of a bygone era, while shedding light on the harsh economic realities faced..

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Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs?

Artist AKI INOMATA knows how to use a 3D printer for good things, :D 

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Instinct, That’s…who you are.

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Two months old, tiny chameleon - about 5 cm long.
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Two months old, tiny chameleon - about 5 cm long.